North Devon Astronomical Society


Ready for Messier Marathon 2012
The Society has been active since 1973. We host regular monthly meetings, hold public events and own an observatory with a large aperture telescope.
The Society welcomes new members of all levels of expertise and is particularly happy to help those new to astronomy. Don't worry if you don't own a telescope or even a set of binoculars; all you need to start with is an interest in astronomy.

The annual membership fee is currently £24. If you join after September (the annual renewal month for subscriptions) you will be charged pro rata, based on the number of months until the next September. 

The Society does not make profits. Costs are kept as low as possible; anything you pay goes straight to the Society to pay for the premises, upkeep of the observatory and any special guest speakers we invite from time to time.
Non-members are allowed to attend two meetings for free, but those who attend regularly are required to join as full members. When you join, the Treasurer will collect your membership fee and the Membership Secretary will take a photograph for your I.D. badge. Your badge will be available for you to collect at the following meeting.
More information can be found on the  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.
Committee for 2019-2020

Chairman – Rick Dooley

Secretary – Julie Buckingham

Treasurer – Karen Lovatt

Membership Secretary – Peter Parker

Observatory Director – Mark Buckingham

Web Master – Chris Cartledge

Ordinary Member – Reg Jeffs


Past Programmes

This is a record of previous programmes and updates.

2018-2019 (08 February 2018 update)



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